Testimonials From Parks Insurance Agency Clients

Mar 26, 2024

Why choose Parks Insurance?
At Parks Insurance Agency, we take pride in providing our clients with exceptional service and personalized coverage. But sometimes, the best way to understand what we offer is to hear directly from the people we serve. Today, we’re sharing some of our favorite testimonials to showcase the impact we have on our clients’ lives.

From a Reintegration Specialist:
“Since partnering with Parks Insurance, I’ve seen a remarkable difference in my clients’ reintegration journeys. Access to affordable healthcare takes a huge weight off their shoulders. Parks Insurance doesn’t just offer plans, they offer guidance and support, making them a true partner in our success.” – Sarah Thompson, Reintegration Specialist, Tarrant County

From a Formerly Incarcerated Individual:
“Coming out, I was worried about everything. Health insurance was just another burden. Thanks to Parks Insurance, I got a plan I could afford. Now, I can focus on getting back on my feet, knowing I’m covered if anything happens. They gave me a chance to rebuild my life, and I’m forever grateful.” – Michael Davis, Columbia, SC

From a Family Member:
“My brother’s release was a wonderful occasion, but I still worried about him. What about his health? Parks Insurance gave us peace of mind. They found him a plan that fit his budget, allowing him to focus on his recovery. They didn’t just help him, they helped our whole family.” – Jane Rodriguez, North Charleston, SC

From a Healthcare worker:
“ACA plans are a lifesaver, but finding the right one can be confusing. Parks Insurance cuts through the maze. I see healthier patients because they get the care they need. Thanks, Parks!” – Sarah Miller, RN, Prisma Health

From a small business owner:
“As a small business owner, offering health insurance is important, but it can be a budget nightmare. Parks Insurance took the headache out of it. They found a plan that fit both my budget and my employees’ needs. Now, I can attract and retain top talent, knowing they’re covered. Parks Insurance is a win-win for everyone.” – Jonathan Garris, Owner, Fresh Start Gym, Phoenix, AZ

From a Native American who struggled to find the right healthcare
“I always felt lost in the insurance world. Being Native American, options seemed limited. Parks Insurance changed that game! They knew about tribal benefits and found a plan that covered everything. Now, my health worries are gone, thanks to Parks understanding my heritage. Woohoo!” – David Eagleton, Oglala Sioux Tribe

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Who Is Aaron Parks?

Who Is Aaron Parks?

Aaron Parks, a visionary leader in the insurance industry, has established himself as an exceptional entrepreneur and insurance expert. Born in the vibrant city of Rock Hill, South Carolina, Aaron embarked on a remarkable career journey that ultimately led to the...