Our G.I.F.T. To You

Giving Insurance Freely for Transition

Our team is ready to help you access the quality healthcare that you deserve.


Once You Are Released Contact Us – 866-505-5383


Our customer care team will help you access your health insurance card so you can use it for doctor appointments and prescription medication. If you need help finding a doctor or a pharmacy that accepts your insurance our team will help you.

Parks Insurance Agency will explain your health insurance plan and what it covers. It is important to understand your health insurance plan so you will be able to use the benefits.

Important Instructions

ALWAYS keep your contact information up to date with Parks Insurance Agency so we can be sure you receive your health insurance cards and we can keep you updated regarding your health insurance plan.

It is important to check in with Parks Insurance Agency 4 times this year.

    • When you are released
    • 1 month after being released
    • 6 months after being released
    • 9 months after being released

What Sort of Insurance Is This?

Your insurance plan is chosen based on where you live, your income, and your medical needs. Checking in with Parks Insurance Agency at least 4 times this year will allow our customer care team to be certain that your health insurance plan is the right plan for you.

You can cancel your health insurance plan at any time.

If you are happy with your current health insurance plan, the coverage will renew itself each year until you choose to cancel it.