A Path to Wellness: Parks Insurance Partners with Sumter County Department of Corrections

Mar 29, 2024

Finding a job, stable housing, and – crucially – access to healthcare are all hurdles formerly incarcerated individuals must overcome. Recognizing this need, Parks Insurance and the Sumter County Department of Corrections have joined forces in an innovative partnership.

This initiative, led by Director Patricia Ray and Sherrif Anthony Dennis, aims to bridge the gap in healthcare access for those re-entering society. Through this partnership with Parks Insurance Agency, people will walk out with health insurance, empowering them to prioritize their well-being as they rebuild their lives.

The Importance of Healthcare Access

Lack of health insurance can be a significant barrier to recovery and reintegration. Without coverage, essential preventative care and treatment for chronic conditions become out of reach. This can lead to delayed diagnoses, worse health outcomes, and even recidivism.

A Brighter Future for Sumter County

By providing health insurance, Parks Insurance and the Sumter County Department of Corrections are investing in the future of their community. Individuals with access to healthcare are more likely to find and maintain employment, contribute positively to society, and avoid returning to the criminal justice system.

Moving Forward with Wellness

This partnership is a beacon of hope for those re-entering society in Sumter County. With health insurance secured, individuals can focus on what truly matters – building a healthy and fulfilling life.

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